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A force f translates through a distance, that is the classical notion of. In other words, when all of the potential energy of the universe created at the time of the big bang is used up. Look at it this way, no matter what you do to an electric motor or generator it will never be 100%efficient. Energy generation device designs, including a turbine-shaped unipolar. Schematic wiring diagrams for the body. Many sites allow you to download plans for magnetic motor magnet power generator and get free videos instruction guide and ebook manual to build one. For obtaining energy from stores which are forever inexhaustible, to perfect.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

His entire process is patented and is still a work in progress, but being able to get 500 mpg on a scooter is. Credits about the life of. However, first the generated electricity must flow through a solid state switching circuit. Proceedings of 11th international conference on cold fusion,. T) somehow knew and made contact with witness soon after she submitted her photo to mufon. Oxidation of nano-sized particles of silver colloid might render it emulsified - molecularly bound to the water molecule. I am very interrested by the q2, i have send several messages to quanta magnetic but they do not respond. Extended dimensions and can be thought of as a circle. Check out the forums as the national assembly is 100% transparent to the public and welcomes public participation. Tesla wise to liberate the energy.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

All i am saying is that because they show a picture of the sun as an energy input it is not fair to lambast it as overunity. Now the big question is that what is this overunity generator and what it does. A taping now takes up two days of my time instead of two weeks. More than 95% of these people are either in sub-saharan african or developing asia, and around 80% are in rural areas. The spark gap - toward overunity. These are able to produce zpe free energy. This yields an input of only 4.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

But there's more to it than that, from what i've seen myself in overunity devices. Constructed tower to conduct a fateful experiment, in the summer of 1908. The breakthrough of qeg overunity demonstrated and explained. Once you discover just how easy it is to build the overunity generator. Can possibly result from granting a patent whose validity. These people are quick to call it a scam and a waste of money.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

Above is two three phase motors configured to run in rv mode. Or something else equally cryptic. Who owns and operates them, and as there have been. I know that it is his holy spirit is the. Brothers to build a surface with lift that resulted in manned flight in a. Regarding the the work of greek inventor petros zografos, who developed catalytic microwave pulse generator water splitting method is similar in many aspects to suncell reactor of randell mills.   another advantage is that it offers a reasonable and cogent explanation of how all matter and energy filling the universe initially came into being. Net -''' for detailed instructions. One of the technologies is a high overunity hydrogen technologies that produces heat and the the other is a thruster that produces unidirectional force 1000 times more than a nasa designed thruster per input – actually, this thruster requires zero energy expenditure to produce the thrust. The u plug generator will be sold at $1,795 msrp (manufacturer's suggested retail price), plus processing and handling, and tax where appropriate.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

I do not understand how you hook it up once you have built it. I got introduced [to isaac] by way (or so i thought) from mufon,  i had sent them the picture, and a short time later, this isaac emailed me and referred to the picture i had sent mufon. All that's left is to wind the akula e-core with gap and hit it with a pulse stream and she should run. Yet even after coming up with all these amazing inventions that changed the world… tesla was still unhappy. Solar homemade generator make spend of the same concept with solar powered communities. Obviously, totally eliminating your power bill will require more of a commitment to your magnetic generator project than just reducing your existing electricity usage.  overunity generator guide system is available in the digital format.

The final perfect step, it provides a dramatic new electrodynamics far. It is agreed that motor with single coil is weaker than the one using a core (iron inside the coil). This is really a small scale of a closed loop generator. This instructable is my third instructable and it is about making free energy generators. Continuing to perform various experiments in canada.

Needs some addressing,  if correct that reading is bad. No worry’s, yahweh-(father) tells us this is a “world without. I don’t agree with your test. Such devices can be divided into two basic categories: "over-unity" devices that generate more energy than is provided in fuel to the device, and ambient energy devices that try to extract energy from the environment, such as quantum foam. Else such magnetic generator circuits would not work. Earthquakes were spread over a large area between the line where the pacific plate.

Accelerated before the impact, rather than braking. I am also happy to have a public debate with hope girl anytime. The number one right thing about these generators is that they save you plenty of cash from paying expensive electric bills. Strength of the tremors was in the 4. Rather, it runs solely on the electromagnetic currents and the sun’s energy. Means that it is important to have a magnetic design which makes sure that. How do you explain that. At the international tesla society conference in 1993, a.

The country to try to measure new ways of measuring these new energy. The new resonance design of this generator also can turn the overunity machine, that only has the output power higher than the input power, into an independent system with no power source. None of them ever amounted to anything. — these lengths i am not accounting for any circles”. There's no more need for dark matter or dark energy. By a matter- antimatter (potential energy) reaction with a near-stable. As expected from cold fusion,. The very fact that i choose to write about this topic will no doubt cause me to lose credibility with many of the loyal readers of booneyliving.

However, hagelstein's diodes are so. This totally new class of nuclear. I have not built a unit to test this theory. So that the people won’t have to pay thousands of dollars a year, for power that should be free. Closing, we summarize the bottom line for overunity em power systems. A few years ago tewari said, “i clearly see self running space engines to be the motors and generators in immediate future — ‘space’ engines , because it is ‘space’ that creates electrons. Sect1=pto2&sect2=hitoff&p=1&u=/netahtml/search-bool.  not just that, tell me what the hell a “magrav” is. Of browsers and in different resolutions to ensure its perpetual magnet optimum potential.

Virtual times, internet node www. Magnetic vector potential a comes in. Law inverses in effect and the generator becomes self-accelerating. He is pretty vague about it. The combination of these two models is the first model. He began to get involved and to investigate areas that he found to be really important and where he saw a potential for the future. ” have allegedly been discovered for each of the main components of the. The late 1880's, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting. No, you have changed the charges.

You’ll start enjoying instant savings of 50%, 70%  or more on  your electricity bill. And hydrogen before reaching the bottom (tesla,. You say that no external influence and input energy. Static generator up to the wires around the. The sunbeams and wind as power sources is the distinguishing score of a homemade generator. Electrical power generation with this plasma-to-electric power technology lends itself ideally to mchp and microdistributed electrical power to replace the existing infrastructure.  in 1995 i followed his lecture about ascension in denmark. If the material is isolated so that no energy is allowed to (re)migrate into the material during this time, (i. The voltage has to be high enough to start the circulation at the overunity level. Because of this, it is vital to get a correct diagnosis to not only take care of the symptoms but to ensure that you are effectively as well as properly treating the condition.

Besides the bessler wheel reconstruction many other concepts can be found,. Check with your local government before doing anything to know the perks. But in this case the volume of cavitation will not touch the surface of reactor in any point, so it cannot lead into its destruction. It))) + stop listening to the evil spirits,,, saying this can’t work. Consider making your purchase from a large seller primarily because you can expect. We don’t know what his generator coils are wound on, though it may very well be the same mild steel that the structure of the apparatus itself is built from.

The diagram of the setup is shown in figure 1. Timing of the electrical pulses to the induction coil. If you attach an induction motor to a generator and harness the electromagnetic energy from the back emf when a load is added, then presumably the electromagnetic field will remain as long as the motor is spinning. The waking generation is not a particular age or group of people.   it’s definitely a concise, yet easy to follow guide with step by step instructions on how to build your own generator. I have heard that t. I really like this invention. This is a bold claim about the nature of the universe, saying that it's not just orbo that violates the law of conservation of energy - the very expansion of the universe does the same thing.

These systems can be made relatively small, wherefore electrically charging is a typical purpose, e. After an initial input of energy from an outside source, the radiant energy electrical generator will operate as a very efficient device. I checked in at the sheraton hotel in colorado springs,. Its shaft rotates and since the generator shaft is mechanically coupled with it, the generator also receives its mechanical input through shaft. Another builder has verified this to me. This gives definite proof that the energy in.  what we are doing here is presenting a potentially safe and easy way to build your own free energy motor and generator. Keep all electromagnets firing north to north.

If i remember true, coils have omic resistance at the begining. Possible way to generate energy with effect of using overunity generator guide:. Using different electrolytes (additives that make the water conduct.

Overunity Generator Review

Than that, from what i've seen myself in overunity devices. System or anything like it to produce useful results.   so who knows where this came from, or what the other men had. This author believes that the. The magnets repulse each other taking place of the explosion which takes place in a internal combustion engine. Know everything in my honest overunity generator guide review. Therefore, in order to get a motor, all what we require is a circular non-1/r. Work and relate to each other. System far from equilibrium in its energy exchange with its environment.

[edit]most of us do not bother to account for the loss of oxygen from the atmosphere when we burn it within an internalcombustion engine; we merely account for our car's consumption of gasoline by refilling its tank. Breyer's book, "tools of awareness", which has a goldmine. One of them even shows a principle schematic of such a device you can build in your garage:. Them into making donations and things like that, before anything. As described above, by forming the stator 110 in the independent, multi-phase parallel distribution structure, a large output can be realized at a low voltage. It’s over-unity, which means that it generates more power than it uses. Cores could be made of solid iron since there. Once we set up the natural inclinations of an infinite potential to be creative, overunity andperpetual motion archetypes will no longer be a mere dream, but a realistic extension of dreaming within an infinitescope of possibility.

The main argument behind this problem is always someone saying you are getting more energy out of the system than you are putting in. So, not only will the information contained in tesla’s off-grid generator not give you a way to power a cabin in the woods, if you built one large enough to power any home, it’d be extremely dangerous. Despite its long-established solar power, overunity generator guide reviews its commercial production took a long time. Source of wealth (free energy device) in the hands of each and every person. Be a perpetually running mechanism. Review verdict: overunity generator guide is a legitimate product that works. There are two magnetic field sources: the magnet and input coil. Overunity generator guide by overunity generator teams.

Overunity Generator

But the biggest problem with these two methods is the fact that using the generators is more expensive. You will still have some of the same troubles a gas engine has. Overunity generator guide belongs to the almost all referred to items on internet. Used to be first choice, and it's still fairly popular. The us currently spends between 5.

Like the law of conservation of energy was something physics could just drop, at a moments notice, because a college drop-out said so. Construction details for 2nd replication attempt. Yes, that is right, you’re going to get the entire overunity generator for just $49. Without limiting myself therefore to any specific form, what i claim is -. Modern physicist is the one who acknowledges that neither classical. This technique must be used with high efficiency motors to be overunity. The superior efficiency of the led diodes is not the only condition of the overunity state of the generator. The magnets, dc or ac (electricity) may be observed.

Nano-structures has achieved an average diameter of 3 nm per cylinder with a 7. He has a cast on the entire leg and everything is healing. Just think, now instead of paying for every little bit of energy we need,,, now we only have to pay to build these inexpensive gems, and then these miraculous mechanisms will supply us an unlimited supply of electricity for us for free,,,. --upwards of 900 posts and numerous actual experiments with hardware, not just gedanken experiments and talk) with no success at duplicating the effect. The unit at first had moving parts. It goes back to its original shape with a lot of force when heated).

  other samples like these have been found to have the appearance of being ‘burnt’ or to have been superheated.   what doesn't seem to work gets dumped. Blaise pascal introduced a primitive form of roulette and the roulette wheel in the 17th century in his search for a perpetual motion machine. Overunity generator is an extremely useful device if you want to save on your monthly energy bills. Is loosely referred to as a "kinetic magnet". Overunity generator guide review- is it scam.

Overunity Generator Plans

Motor once, with a 100cm circumference pulley attached. Combined with, we believe that it is the improving demand for services for any overunity generator guide guide programs by which created its makers to improve it carrying a lot additional useful features inside. I saw that as my auric field. We named the plans overunity generator blueprint due to the underlying phenomenon. You be capable of procure the basic supplies and spare units for any diy generator at the native hardware. Experimentally, the zero-point energy of the vacuum leads directly to the casimir effect, and is directly observable and measurable in nanoscale devices made of conductors. A show case, so explains the inventor. Now i can happily point you to the recent revolutionary advances made by tewari. It's got to do more than just "conserve momentum", it needs a little extra to keep going, eh. The negentropic devices violate the classical thermodynamics, which is why they cannot utilize classical thermodynamical systems, which are always reversible by their very definition.

You have to plan a bit and follow the instructions in the system to create an effective home. Ac proved to be a more efficient and effective way than edison's direct current (dc) system to transport electricity in a grid, and it became the basis for most modern electricity. Unknowns, as to why it does what it does. Gary nolan goes from being obviously compelled by the idea that this is an extraterrestrial specimen to being oddly dismissive of the evidence at the end. Some build magnets motor overunity generator plans actually work but most dont. However, there’s one teensy factor-of-500 error there. Forced me to redesign the em core. This is strong evidence for the presence of zero point energy, but it is not coherence. The expression perpetual motion, or perpetuum mobile, arose historically in connection with the quest for a mechanism which, once set in motion, would continue to do useful work without an external source of energy or which would produce more energy than it absorbed in a cycle of operation.

2) how to explain the polarizability of light using subquantum kinetics. The story began when mohorn was a student drumming in a band. The things you need for this purpose are not very expensive: solar cells, hot plate or burner, overunity generator guide plans sheet metal, sandpaper and salt. The area required if you put them on top of houses - as this project is going to do - that is not an issue is it.  nicola tesla's dynamo electric machine designed in 1888 modified into the quantum energy generator - qeg by jamie robitaille is running at five times over unity. What are the deep spiritual principles that are secretly guiding our lives.

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Was observed in front of the opening in the insertion when. Check out the diagram below and understand the complexities of an overunity motor generator. But for now mohorn is happy that, thanks to his invention, his little castle in reichenau on the rax river that was once very damp now has dry feet again. The best most efficient build magnets motor overunity generator plans can be found at our site with step-by-step construction diagrams to follow. I had hanke get one too, who has hip damage from his 2000 plus parachute jumps (yes, that many). In other words: the law of conservation of angular momentum is not valid. Hydroelectric generators located inside of niagara falls. Extremely easy to assemble:since the whole package comes along with step by step video guide along with diagrams to make it more easy to understand and assemble, the “overunity generator guide” is effortless to compile.

Hydrosonic pump power generator operates by taking water into the machine housing, where it is passed over a spinning cylinder. These insiders appeared thanks to the trust, credibility and connections i built as a ufo researcher working online since 1996. Grade 3, had an overunity motor by grade 8 and totally rebuilt a. Overunity generator guide pdf an ordinary person can use technology using solar groups that produce home at home to produce electricity. The high subsidy prices paid to keep the solar economy going is causing indirect energy consumption, because the money needs to be generated through economic activity, which means consumption of other energy and resources. The main secret of mr.

From ancient times, people have been trying to find out the perfect energy producing machine. Comes from the principles of space vortex theory. As the the history guidelines have been in place much longe that that guideline. Eventually the vehicle was found abandoned, and he was off the hook. Phase of the magnetic cycle. Nick cook is an award-winning aerospace and defence journalist and author with a career in writing spanning more than 20 years his ground-breaking book.

 the flight back to frankfurt, even in first class, which lufthansa does quite wonderfully (trolling for a free upgrade) was quite unpleasant, perhaps the understatement of all time. And even thought to myself i don’t think i’m supposed to see this thing. Over 40 years, but classical electrodynamicists have not yet changed. These experiments are easy to replicate and you will immediately see the effect – lamp changes brightness with each spark. But don't worry it's no longer mine since it is now his patent pending.

Overunity Generator Patent

Discussed the problem of lorentz symmetrical regauging with rajah, and.  now we can repeat the cycle. Despite our general acceptance of these contradictory conditions. Cause my mixer could only handle 2. But, overunitygeneratorteam simple overunity generator guide exhibits a tremendous opportunity, and he reveals some secret demonstration of how tesla’s patented “free power device” can help you reduce the charges of the electricity bill by almost 87% overnight. That compares with the dyno test of joseph newman done at lawrence. Tv, refrigerators, air cons and bulbs can be run with homemade generator. Light is such an electromagnetic (em) field.

2- why don’t you contact me at my phone number shown in the web site. Either way, i’m looking forward to seeing this in production. Both patents (figuera and hogan & jakovlewich) share the same principle, and both patent are representing an overunity generator withoudt dragging. Nature uses the opposite process of cooling. Well, heins thinks it is. 2008, but has not yet shipped a product. Building a generator using the tesla generator plans nikola tesla was the man behind the tesla generator. Electricity generating units may instead by necessity become a reality in the. This allows the magnetic field to combine to produce a larger overall. One elctrical contact is put on the axle, another contact.

Electrons, lacking stable, radially convergent vacuum polarization. Web page called "electronicstutorials" and you will land in. These other free energy (or perpetual motin) devices, if they indeed work, would not necessarily create energy from 'nothing'. The most intriguing fact is that the hogan - jakovlewich overunity generator is based on the same concept as one of the patents from clemente figuera. All of the risk is on me here – and that’s completely fine. A scottish shoemaker, known as.

Out more energy that it takes in.

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So where is your support for your grand assertion of bs mr. The excess energy is freely input by the. Power out is always less than power in. Surrounding the ship, it was teleported more than a thousand. Under a new plan unveiled on sunday, a network of solar panels linked to rechargeable batteries will be provided free to households and financed by the sale of excess electricity generated by the network, the government said. Exerted on the flux gate cores should decrease as well. How it could be positioned to connect with your audience. Moving belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, multiplying your # of.

Fortunately, most modern browsers such as. There is a lot more than meets the eye about jim murray. “blacklight power (blp), founded 17 years ago as hydrocatalysis, announced last week that the company had successfully tested a prototype power system that would generate 50 kw of thermal power. Built to drive ignition coils) mounted on a common axis and switched in. After years of research and experimentation, gray conducted his first test of the ema motor in 1961. Editor’s note: mike was sitting at the stop sign in his dodge grand caravan at the time. Electricity with every extra generator attached. Or is it just another hyped up overunity generator guide. Special notice that an induction coil is drawn without the interrupter but is clearly part of the patent on either side of the two circuit options at coil 5 and 50.

The serial prototype consists of a steel tube, an electrically operated compressor, an electrical generator and a control unit. As a result, there are now 17 col applications for construction of as many as 26 new reactors in the usa. When other two choices did work. Applications are hypothesized for experimental falsification or. Inside or outside the country, that is interpreted as giving an adversary.

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At the instant of power up one of the coils, the current in the coil, generates an induced current in the second coil. You're very close to wasting more time and effort on a futile endeavour. We are living an illusion and quantum physics is one of many areas that can snap us out of that illusion if not restricted and conclusions labelled as mere interpretations. Thus, in one direction of current flow through the base-emitter of the transistor switch, the transistor is turned on momentarily to connect the battery 18 across the coil 16. However, since it is extraordinary, many do not think about it. Interpretation of the first law of thermodynamics and allowing the. N-generators installed at one location can meet larger load. Today, we’ve lost our connection to spirituality, this connection was replaced long ago with belief systems have been given to us in the form of religion to the point where society is extremely separated when it comes to ‘what is. This would give overunity, not by much but overunity nonetheless. Claimed to have built an over-unity device based on rotating magnets, and took out an advertisement soliciting scientists to test their claims.

There are two energy generation processes that operate in the universe: conservative energy generation and nonconservative energy generation. (is this yet one more example of the invented in. Click here for user testimonials on the pain pen and click here for those on the pain pad. The consumer electronics ees didn't even have the grace to be embarrassed. The revolutionary machine is being called “that car of the future” for americans today. The second model is built around a ring magnet, the outside diameter of which is seven inches and the inside diameter six inches. Yardstick of known laws of physics. Solar cell) is permitted for the meg (as a ness system) by the laws of.

A search of zero-point energy literature reveals that these principles also apply to the quantum level. Electrical power system rnual lake some or all of its input energy.  by using air scoops to reclaim some of this kinetic energy as high voltage electrical power, it is able to completely power itself on the free energy it creates. I proved my experience in the electronic battlefield.

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The structure of this field consists of two parts. Knowledge without fear, and to accurately transmit that knowledge to. If examples of advanced technology are being demonstrated all. These devices have so much leakage that the so called overunity would be lost anyway. Even a “remote cabin in the woods”. Theory that for a century have prevented overunity em power systems. The power cord loop is spliced out of frame. From hot to cold, from a high energy state to a lower state.

 a theoretical electromechanical model of brown's generator is. Perhaps you have a bit skepticism regarding overunity generator guide, seeing as there are a great deal of scams in these days. To the contrary, we are busy developing our own. Near radio and tv broadcasting broadcasting stations, his antenna-like units were disturbed. The first magnet 40 is for. The test regime is considered to be "comparative based" as two specific test conditions were utilized, one being the full operation of an orbo-based system where the energies were measured at the input point to the calorimeter.

Overunity generator guide reviews specifically, solar panels are a bit expensive, requiring several years to start saving. Koldamasov (1), described an exception from. This allowed it to travel without a rider in a straighter line and further than normal. I will give my video links first followed by the various patent and related files. Overunity generator guide review turn off the tv.

I think using a wood stove/steam generator would be more efficient than burning the wood to release the spring. “bitcoin mining is a peer-to-peer computer process used to secure and verify bitcoin transactions—payments from one user to another on a decentralized network. Energy is like the flowing water, and an “amount” of energy is like the amount of water in the collecting whirlpool form (between its input flow and its output flow) at any time. That’s about like trying to use the elementary equation. Tell you what: make a video -- put your face on it -- and explain why this guy (who has already done the same) is spouting nonsense.

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Is defined as the angles between the dipole axle of a. One way to induce resonance, or vibration, is through radio frequency (rf) acting on the nuclei, but there are limitations here; only the spinning nuclei located in the top 0. You’re thinking in a box. Im pretty sure the quest for perpetual energy is a fool's journey.   remember to clean the ends of the magnet wire so they can make an electrical connection. Can ride on the solar coattails, which is legal, since his device. Today we are faced with the consequences of the fateful decision in 1905 by j. In other words, this configuration puts out 11. Continuous base-load generating capacity of 10 megawatts. "come on, let me show you where it's at.

Maxwell, faraday, stubblefield and especially tesla. And no 'laws of physics' would have been broken and minimal power could be. I’m not saying though it had a smooth level bottom either, just not nothing as big or low hanging below it as the one in the picture. How much power does it require for electric motor to continue running and how many batteries along with the set-up of alternator and generator using belt-driven pulley system will it take to keep this going. Edwin gray, sr, president of evgray, predicts production costs of the ema will be comparable to present motors and maintenance costs will be far less, “the ema motor promises to make the world a cleaner place in which to live”, says gray, who has spent 12 years developing the engine. Firstly, there needs to be a suitable flywheel with as large a diameter as is practical, say 4 feet or 1. The greater # of ac generators that you have attached, the. Pulley, at least one small pulley, a belt that fits the pulleys, and the hardware.

Prostitution of the american scientific community. Because i can tell you a lot of stories about what happens when you go out in the world of physics and make claims they don’t like. Whether you call it overunity, perpetual motion, or free energy, most physicists will say that creating these types of devices is a pipe dream and that it’s scientifically not possible to achieve.  the total time i saw it was maybe about 10 seconds.

Overunity Generator Guide

And temperature effects due to heavy water are with. – the first section explains what the overunity generator guide is all about. I don't know how many copies i will manage to provide until they crash my website. Go ahead and watch the video. Item 4 – had been blacked out [. I want to think marko for giving me the opportunity to do this. It's sobering to realize that a great deal of our high technology is powered by inefficient linear power supplies, and that this could have been different for several decades if we'd only paid attention to drs cuk and middlebrook long ago.

With the same initial velocity. He uses the term “”regenerative acceleration” in contrast to the regenerative braking performed by hybrid and electric vehicles, in which the electric motor is run as a generator, converting some of the kinetic energy from the wheels back into electricity. And do it all without creating a single iota of pollution. The generator run cold, and a direct short on the output coils. Credits to jinis for this replication. It has an external battery to run, overunity generator guide hoax a body cycle. Potential at a point, is defined as the joules of energy that will be. The government is unbelievable to encourage the government to take a green approach to energy sources used in their homes. The hydraulic pump formula world wide is 1 h.

Is restricted normally to synchronous and asyncronous generators with efficiencies. The ocean modules v8 sii rov was being piloted remotely from the ship in an effort to explore the site when the team came across the bizarre discovery. What is the overunity generator guide. When you want to talk about a system that has really helped so many people save a lot of money on electricity bill then the overunity generator blueprint is what you should be talking about. To be an honest guy. Hydroelectric power system, if one speaks of the entire system including the.

This can potentially lead to the development of self sustaining power system. 3m had a similar freon type fluid called performance fluid. I do not watch the skies, or see weird things generally.

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Generators, and demonstrated one large motor at the 26th iecec in. Step 9: electric motor/ overunity generator plans...

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Overunity devices based on scalar energy or static electricity are common but generally worthless. Years,...

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Don't quote me on this but it reminds me of an automotive transformed. Books regarding the orgonne accumulator. Don't antagonize...

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We strongly note that mass is a. Do not confuse the fact that the motor speed increases when...

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All i am saying is that because they show a picture of the sun as an energy input it is...

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"we have failed with energy to come up with the 'great. It is thought that...

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If one wishes a more accurate grasp of the energy situation, see matt simmons’ presentations downloadable...