Chakra Energy Pendant


All information contained on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. I was fortunate enough to have found this absolutely gorgeous clear quartz crystal pendant. From my experience, i noticed the clearer and straight to the point i am with people, the less i allowed to be drained of my energy. Technique that employs stones and crystals as healing tools. Its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Changes the polarity so as to be more absorbable. All our crystal jewellery has been embedded with scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies and although not as powerful as our nu-me healing pendant range they will significantly help you on your healing journey. Want and allows us to relax and enjoy these.  chakra balancing may be needed to improve your health and bring the chakras back to a state of perfect balance.

Chakra Energy Pendant
Chakra Energy Pendant

"hello i have a question i am wearing a orgone from a another maker , but i don't feel that it working. Get your chakra today, limited stock. You’ll love them and they will love you back for as long as you own them. The chakra theories differ between the different indian religions. Spiritual using various crystals and crystal devices. With a degree in psychology and a decade spent in corporate america, andye admitted talking to angels and spirit guides was more fulfilling, and left the nine to five behind. Sixth chakra is known as the third eye chakra. High energy crystal pendulums also contain specific subtle energy charges. My sense of well-being is too important to me. I already feel connected to it, i keep seeing planets in space when i close my eyes.

Chakra Energy Pendant
Chakra Energy Pendant

The faster you remove yourself from their drama the stronger and healthier your energy field.   opening the root chakra is what must. Programmed with frequencies to assist in homeostasis. Lame - and does nothing while we pretend we're spiritual by talking about our. Crystal healing is thousands of years old it was first used in ancient egypt. [55] these dantian play a very similar role to that of chakras. In the human body, energy naturally flows in the same direction of all living matter. This chakra is represented by the green.

Chakra Energy Pendant
Chakra Energy Pendant

How to use chakra stones. The second chakra influences our. Chakra is the name given to the seven. Maladhara mandala (root support), the element. Wearing one of these stones can give you the benefits of the particular stone along with a powerful ongoing flow of reiki energy for clearing and balance on energetic, emotional and physical levels. Sacral chakra: the sacral chakra is located at the center of your pelvic bone and is in charge of feelings, creativity and sexuality. - book stores - clothing - holistic healing - jewellery - metaphysical - spa services - yoga. It’s high quality and you will feel and look amazing wearing it. They have the ability to absorb, store and release energy, information, light and vibrations.

Knew what action to take, intuitively. Chakra energy pendant is made with the intention of helping protect you from negative energies. Let us take an insight to the chakra energy pendant and know what the base behind its functionality is.  the root chakra spins at the slowest speed of the seven major chakras. The third eye chakra influences our capacity. They also helps against electromagnetic, elf and haarp radiations in environment. It governs survival, base instincts, the sex drive and physical life. The chakras are a map of the soul which you must move along for healing to happen.

Broadcast healing frequencies to anywhere worldwide using biological sample targeting. The crown chakra connects you up to the soul star chakra,. As we become more aware, light codes can. Yes, all of these components will have a big impact. When we use the word “visualize,” imagine feeling and experiencing rather than seeing. You'll see what we mean when you join this new masterclass with energy healer donna eden. Neutralizes environmental toxins and chemicals such as house-hold.

I highly recommend buying this book as it is an indespensable guide in the practice of all meditators.  the second chakra represents the water element. You will find yourself much more attuned with the natural cycles of the earth while you are wearing them. A chakra can be over active, under active or in balance. The absolute truth about success – in fact, the first step to success – you must understand the fact that you can start successfully. Believing that they impart healing powers to them wherever they go, or.

One thing, thousands of times. We cannot guarantee any results with any chakra jewelry item. Keep this gemstone guardian angels with you to help you connect with your own guardian angel who guard and protect you in all that you ask. Looking to boost physical health or deflect the negative energy of others. Know that we are guided in all that we do.   when we speak of the chakras it is usual to speak of the seven major chakras.

The new age movement has led to an increased interest in the west regarding chakras. If it is rotating in the rong direction, or the pattern of the pendant shows something more like a flat oval than a circle, thers your problem. Using orgonite to heal energy blockages in the body. Click image to visit sitethis beautiful chakra energy pendant is made with the intention of helping protect you from negative energies. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, multiple specific functions, an aspect of consciousness, a classical element, and other distinguishing characteristics. Harold connolly, for example, won gold medal at the 1947 summer olympics in melbourne. Through this you can make a stronger connection with beings in the higher realms and with your higher self. As a child psychic, she quickly realized there was more to reality than what most people could see or touch. A sheet explaining the healing properties of each stone in your set.

Or liver and pancreas complaints, it can. That they have positive vibrations that attract positive events and. Your goal is to make your goal a surprise to what you want to do. Using a pendulum to check chakras. Many are made with rare or hard-to-find gemstone beads. "  you think to yourself, "go. With others in a positive manner. Adventurine – green – heart chakra – enhances harmony, forgiveness, sincerity, unconditional love and compassion.

The throat chakra is your truth center. Our chakras are aligned to the earth's grid system. Now i am a huge fan of the medical and. After which it is placed on a bed of citrine and charged for a couple of hours. To understand your root chakra, you must come to a place of peace with. Remember the chakra location, the color and what it is associated with in our personal life.

Information from our yoga chakra jewelry chakra chart: when properly functioning, the solar plexus chakra provides:. It may also be called the power chakra, as it is the area governing personal power. Referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer,” amethyst calms and soothes, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain. Crystals have a specific number vibration which can be measured according vibration and color and can be very effective healers and cleansers of individual chakras. Each of these pieces of chakra jewelry captures the energy needed to help balance and activate your chakras. Citrine quartz – yellow – solar plexus chakra – increases confidence, reduces anxiety and fear, improves mental clarity, self-esteem and personal power. Untrusting, confused, uncertain, with a. This is precisely the purpose of the meditation – to gain knowledge about yourself and your energy of which you were unaware. This article contains tibetan script.

Please read and ensure that you respect these policies. It's easy fixed, you just need to be able to see where the problem is. It can also be worn to . Wearing this beautiful pendant will keep you aware of your chakras, promoting a better alignment of all seven energy centers. Residing about six inches above the crown, this chakra connects us to the galactic realms giving us a direct connection with our deeper soul. Please note the size of the chakras will incorporate both the physical and energetic bodies. * encourage confidence, stability, truth and spiritual growth. Charged holy water chosen for the solar plexus chakra orgone pendant. Solar plexus (manipura)- the solar plexus is associated with the color yellow and is located just below your breast bone. Is the product of to little self-power everything.

Discs work both independently and synergistically, so you can. We breathe, the water we drink, and food we eat. When the stones are placed in the area of the chakras, the colour of. Is my moonstone pendant connecting my emotional side with my creative side. Protection from microwaves, television screens, computer monitors,. Muladhara is the chakra that draws down spritual energy and causes it to assume a physical existence. This light transmission is how these. They provide a soul connection and the highest self-illumination, as well as a cosmic doorway to other worlds. Uses pure germanium metal as one of the inlays as opposed to powdered germanium (which was in earlier versions of the bioenergy pendant) making this inlay far more powerful. Lack of energy can cause us to be nervous.

  clear quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. They will call you, send you endless text messages, emails and talk to you until you have very little energy left. They are on the list of birthstones by month as they an april birthstone, and you should find it easy to buy birthstone jewelry made from this stone. It is associated with your emotions, sensuality, intimacy, sexuality and creativity. However, there are those who believe that chakras have a physical manifestation as well. They are not necessarily bad, as they are usually emotionally unstable or ill. If you've got the lower two working and cant get energy moving any further, then check the next one in the chain.

This sacral chakra spins in a healthy manner when people are confident, joyous, creative, sexually alive, and orgasmic. Think of your chakras as a row of meshing gears. I realized how unaware of sensing energy i was until i actually put the pendant on. The infused reiki power symbol choku rei means "place the power of the universe here". Everything on our plane of existence is made of energy.

Chakra Healing Energy Pendant

However, whatever the color, the crystal is infused with beneficial and specific frequencies, which optimize the health and vital energy of all living beings including plants and animals. Onyx:  this stone has a strong magnetic charge and can stimulate hearing at a physical level by magnetizing the blood. [5] these theories differ between the indian religions, with esoteric buddhist literature mentioning four chakras, while esoteric hindu texts stating seven. If you are having trouble staying focused, try using a hematite. The chakras are the points where spirit and physical meet.  i source all the raw materials, hand select each crystal for its beauty and energy, i hand-make every piece with positive intent, then infuse it with sacred healing reiki energy at master level for you, or the intended recipients highest good. Heart chakra:your love center.   mystics are at peace with their. There are many thoughts on why it is so, but when stone is carved into these shapes to make skulls made of crystal, you are enabled to make a one-on-one connection with the crystal being within the stone. Muladhara is positioned close to anus, at the perineum, and it has four petals which match the vrittis of greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passion, and blissfulness in concentration.

Amethyst is one of the natural birthstones of those born as the old year wanes and the new is about to arrive at the winter solstice (november 21 - december 20). The print is professionally printed on photo paper which deepens the colors in a vibrant way with an eye catching flashiness when the light hits it just right. Different stones are believed to have different healing vibrations, so. In the tantric traditions of the indian subcontinent, chakras are psychic-energy circles located throughout the body. Kriya yoga, or "yoga of ritual action", believed by its practitioners to activate chakra and energy centers in the body. The third chakra is the solar-plexus center and is located above the navel and below the chest. When the brow chakra is in balance our thoughts and internal communications within ourselves are healthy and vibrant. The game is now chakra healing energy pendant pdf easily identified, so many of the mathematic psychologists and hypnosis mathematics.

The device will protect you etherically, as dark entities cannot stand to get near it. Cosmic laws of god and life understood and lived. ) have not been changed, but the access time and time have changed. Returns for a full refund if a mistake was made on our side (which we try our best to prevent).   it acts to stabilize distraught feelings. Flame whilst meditating can also help rebalance. To purchase a set of all 7 chakra gemstone pendants, please click here. The tsa lung practices such as those embodied in trul khor lineages open channels so. I’ve noticed and enjoyed the difference. You, too, will be given in time.

Open & heal the heart chakra, soothe hurt, loneliness, and anxiety. Rainbow jasper – brown and orange multicolor patterns – sacral chakra – courage, independence, prosperity, abundance, creativity, and intimacy.   it is used to help regenerate and recharge the life force. When the fifth chakra is balanced, it allows. Having blockages in this chakra can add jealousy into your e. If your birthday falls in any of the following periods, an amethyst of the color listed can be a valuable conduit to your guardian angel. The word comes from the sanskrit "cakra" meaning "wheel, circle", and sometimes also referring to the "wheel of life". How to use chakra stones.

[ahsian, 29] it ranges in color from pale red-violet (amethyst color) to deep violet. Negative:  the servant:  needy, seeking approval, unempowered. Breathe in clean fresh air to rejuvenate yourself, and exhale out stress. Others the one on the left below are quite cloudy, although this one does have patches within it where the stone is quite clear. These first three chakra centers represent the animal instincts of eating, procreation, and mastery. The beautiful purple light of amethyst is particularly conducive to communion with angels. And then intuited how to use various special natural crystals for healing.

These amazing health-giving orgone products are designed to be worn personally to increase your harmonic vibration, and will actually repair rifts and tears in your aura, as well as balance and strengthen your chakras and energy fields. You do not want to create a push, where you are pushing your own energy onto theirs. Chakra healing jewels chakra energy pendant. They enhance metaphysical abilities and access to the quantum potential. The person will have concerns.

How to choose the right necklace. Choose the purple amethyst to assist you in meditation. Tyson had run his pullers and was equal to the bronze medal, although he chakra healing energy pendant book was satisfied with the second. A: chakras are energy-processing centers that are lined up within your body. Counter-clockwise, then there may be a blocked energy or negative experiences with the feelings relating to that chakra. When the pendulum stops moving – the object is. According to ancient saints, our body structure is divided into energy fields called chakras. Have a powerful resonance with the frequency of the solar plexus. But what if we tell you that a pendant can be much more than just a fashion accessory. For this reason, many spiritual disciples east and west concentrate on opening of heart chakra.

Then understand the nature of creation and your purpose in it. It is said that iolite helps one to change “painlessly” toward spiritual growth, to release discord in one’s life, and allow for progression. Not only can these decorations be aesthetically pleasing, they can help dispel residual negativity and promote positive energy in the environment. Realign the second or sacral plexus chakra. It is not one of the main seven chakras, but is located in the chest between the heart and throat chakras. Understand cosmic laws, god and life. Image depicting the seven chakras, the psychic centers that connect the physical body to the etheric body.   so if you are drawn to any pieces of quartz crystals that seem quite ordinary when you see them, be prepared that if you use one constantly it may change, you never know. Seven major chakras or energy centres (also understood as wheels of light) are generally believed to exist, located within the subtle body.

I found the only solution, though i found it increasingly difficult, was to force energy up both legs at once and focus more on the chakras in the rest of my body. It calms angry temperaments and gives a distinct advantage in situations where debating is required. Attempt to construct an energy grid, which is believed to surround the. [47] however, depending on the meditational tradition, these vary between three and six. If this chakra has too much. Is too great it can cause a lack of concentration,. Blocks in this chakra can cause confusion, depression, fear and lack of inspiration.

Desperate to escape him, she called on the goddess diana who rescued her by transforming her into a shiny stone of “pure, cold crystal. They refused to perform the show. Tourmaline: purifying and transforming dense energy into a higher vibration, tourmaline grounds spiritual energy; balancing chakras, meridians, and auric bodies; and forms a protective shield. Also be a leaning towards feeling unloved. Their decision is not their end.

Now place the pendulum on the throat chakra, and the pendulum should swing as it did with the crown chakra. The root chakra is location of life and survival - food, air water, shelter -. Chakra is a sanskrit word which means wheel. The symbol itself instantly boosts the ability to channel energy. Start with intention and then press firmly on each of the crystal’s facets. This beautiful chakra healing energy pendant is made with the intention of helping protect you from negative energies. How to eliminate energy blockages with orgonite.

We have developed a separate web site specifically for this powerful new instrument. Com which is clubbed with a metallic chain for ready to wear and instant relief from the imbalance of this visuddha chakra. Where are the chakras located. [61] in both the hindu and buddhist traditions, the chakra are visualized with an energy goddess residing dormant in the lowest chakra, and one of the aims is to awaken her within. Look to others to feel whole. Amazing quantum orgone products safeguard you from lower harmful vibration frequencies and harmful energy fields like:. If you want to get a great deal of things, you need control of the mind. 95 shipping when your online order consists of any combination of jewelry, books, malas, incense, silk hangings, cds/dvds, and other select items marked "flat rate," only. It also has sunken areas, which i think of as chinks on the sides where the stone has gone in.

In the ancient world, amethyst was an amulet of protection worn around the neck of egyptian dignitaries when they traveled outside their major cities. Helps with detoxifying the body. It shows how lack of self-regard harms life choices. [44] it is practiced to bring the subtle winds of the body into the central channel, to realise the clear light of bliss and emptiness, and to attain buddhahood. Feel the color, the shape, the texture of each chakra.

An unbalanced energy field due to any reason may cause a blockage in the flow of energy. Chakra necklace - these pieces of hand-made solid sterling silver and gemstones have been specially manufactured and created with the most high quality gemstones of garnet, citrine, tigerseye, malachite, reconstituted turquoise, amethyst and moonstone and merged with solid sterling silver to create jewelry of the highest calibre. Them with a positive affirmation and you may find that whatever you are. Activity, exercise, action and vitality,. It attunes to pure consciousness and is a potent talisman of healing and perfection with the capacity to restore one back to their etheric blueprint in order to realign with the divine source. According to edwin bryant and other scholars, the goals of classical yoga such as spiritual liberation (freedom, self-knowledge, moksha) is "attained entirely differently in classical yoga, and the.

Chakra is a sanskrit word and means "wheel". Crown chakra: crown chakra is located at the crown part of the head and it is related to the cosmic energy. You need to wait around 2 to 3 weeks to get the product after making its purchase online. Located at the very top and center of the head, the crown chakra is known as the seat of higher consciousness and cosmic awareness, and is our connection to our own divinity. The colours violet or white sahasara mandala. What is the chakra healing jewels chakra energy pendant. Just as all colors of the spectrum unite in colorless light, the highest chakra unites in itself all energies of the lower centers. 1st chakra – lithotherapy (stone therapy) & metaphysical value of amethyst crystal quartz:*** . So, what does this have to do with.

Chakra Energy Pendant

Buy chakra pendant designs, you must get the best value for money. This chakra spins in a healthy manner when people are responsible, self-assertive, and self-confident.   it denotes instinctual understanding of life issues and challenges. It can create negative influences in the. Anything that helps you connects with the earth and be in the earth frequencies: walk barefoot, grounding techniques, foot massage. This article has covered uses of the rose crystal, the science behind it, its relation to your chakras, wearing rose quartz as jewelry, how to clean and charge a rose quartz. Concerns with confidence and allows control over one's life.   now, she remembers what it feels like to feel good when she wakes. It is the source of creativity and inspiration.

Protection from the pollution of most man made chemicals in the air. Crown (sahasrara)- the crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is associated with the colors white and violet. Ahead, lady - open away. It is an ideal crystal to hold or meditate upon during the death experience, of another or oneself, allowing the release of the temporal physical body with more ease, assuredness and peace. Beneficial for healing crisis, the mind and mental processes, mental healing, stress relief, fears, phobias, memory, self-expression, grief. [fernie, 170] the ancient philosopher pliny the elder claimed an amethyst engraved with figures of the sun and the moon immunized people against poisons.

Next, you should bless your pendulum by letting your higher self and your spirit guides know that you would like their assistance in influencing the pendulum’s movement. The heart chakra is the pivotal point between the mental (upper three chakras) and the emotional (lower three chakras). Connects a person to others and experience new things. The subtle body is the non physical body or otherwise known as our soul or spirit, which overlays our physical body. It is commonly used as a tool for protection, specifically shielding against electromagnetic pollution or emf. Rose quartz –light pink – heart chakra – love, family and romantic relationships, self-worth, joy. I trust myself and the universal source.  perhaps they intuitively knew the problem was linked to a certain part of their body. Chakra jewelry can also be earrings as well. The practice and philosophy of reiki incorporates different stones and symbols into wearable pieces designed for specific chakras.

They are also called psychic vampires or energy suckers. This allows us to look within and reclaim. Prayers and blessings, energy healing vibes and powerful. Many of the books have references to the chakras, as various stones have vibrations that stimulate specific chakras. - turquoise, chrysocolla, chalcedony, blue.

Yoga chakra jewelry for the crown chakra focuses on clear quartz, white howlite and white onyx. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients it was a “gem of fire,” a precious stone worth, at times in history, as much as a diamond. Sthula sarira) and other "psychological, emotional, mind, non-physical" it is called the "subtle body" (. Health issues which may arise due to blockages include; gallstones, diabetes, low energy and stomach problems. Purple jasper – dark purple with variations – third eye chakra – connects to unconscious self, enhance intuition, remove anxiety and fear. To the neolithic people in europe. To program as a wishing stone or with intentions, messages, and prayers, simply hold the stone with the intent in mind. The beautiful clear white light of the white ray is your connection to the divine mind, and white is the color for the eighth chakra. Represents maintaining a connection to the practical (earth or "ground") while pursuing lofty (spiritual) ideals . Hevajra tantra burn the conventional buddhas and attain the buddhahood of hevajra.

And has discovered many wonderful ways to reduce pain,. Lower chakras – emotions, physical world. You can either say it. When we move up to the fourth chakra we enter a new realm, opening up to compassion and spirituality. Stones that are the same color as the chakra emit healing energy that helps to clear and balance that chakra, increasing your own sense of well-being, health, and emotional balance. I told her that my tribe would love to test our her latest offering. Natural unpolished amethysts or geodes are particularly helpful placed where plants will not grow or animals refuse to sit. "the 2nd chakra pendent has been helpful in relieving a lot of pain from misaligned hips.

All trade marked zenergygems™ products are hand selected and packaged by our skilled and knowledgeable staff at zenergygems™ store. Chakras play an important role in the tibetan buddhism in completion stage practices. If you do not like slugs or garlic, it does not matter how many times someone else says it is fun to eat, and they often do not dip your happiness. Crystal healing massage, crystal sauna and dowsing using crystal pendulums. I really like it a lot. And do not put i off she said,. Spinal mastery is also an important facet of our spiritual health. The chakra below the feet is the earth chakra. No need to give a second thought in buying the chakra energy pendant as it will only give good vibes and elevate your sense of judgment and decision-making.

We have prepared for your use a detailed graph of the chakra system, with extensive information of each chakra. The silver pattern is a common symbol that is used to activate the crown chakra. Our quality says it best. For the other countries, local postal service processes and customs may delay packages an additional 4-25 business days and/or have limited tracking details. Symbolised by four legged mammals. Our breath and meditating outside. The pendant links into the energy coming from your higher mind.

Many present day indian gurus that incorporate chakras within their systems of philosophy do not appear to disagree with the western view of chakras on the key points, and both these eastern chakra views and western chakra views have developed from the shakta tantra school. Which may occur are headaches, worry, anxiety,. It deals with survival issues pertaining to finance and nutrients. Some people in new age also claim that other chakras, besides the above, exist - for instance, ear chakras. Learn more about how crystals work.

2nd place winner - best reiki book 2012. This chakra is said to correspond to the testes or the ovaries, that produce the various sex hormones involved in the reproductive cycle, which can cause dramatic mood swings. Third eye (ajna)- the third eye is associated with the color purple and is located between the eyebrows. Engage your other senses to navigate and don’t get hung up on the word visualize. That includes forgiving yourself as much as you forgive others. The stronger the no, the better for you, for them and the environment. Each crystal also comes with a small pocket guide. A refund or credit will be issued after i receive the item, but you will be responsible for the return shipping. Essential oils, herbs, high vibrational gemstones and crystals, blessings, prayers, sound frequencies and powerful. The three upper chakras take care of mental and spiritual functions and the three lower chakras take care of emotional and physical functions.

Three chakras relate to personal energy. It can also lead to control of others through. High-quality chakra pendant then keep your worries aside. Forces throughout our body and assists in. This chakra helps us with self confidence and self esteem and gives us our personal power. Is performing correctly, the person will. Perhaps these people who lived so long ago were able to use their innate gifts to find the energy centers of the body. Grab this chakra healing energy pendant free to get the desired things in your life. “it is enough, if you believe that there are angels,.

Seventh chakra is located at the top of the head. If business attempts fail, comments are not affected chakra healing energy pendant guide by floods. There are a lot of stores out there. He and his friend steve jobs started and apple started the computer. What may initially be a simple exercise in how to balance your chakras could form the basis of a whole new path of enlightenment. Since red is the color of the root chakra and located at the base of your torso, a belt buckle of ruby or another red stone would be enhanced. She is dressed in her designer yoga  unitard. Citrine activates and helps to balance the third chakra while also protecting against negative energy and promoting clarity of thought. Turquoise is an empathic and balancing stone that prompts self-realization and creative problem solving due to this nature, it empowers those who are shy about sharing their understanding and aids in the knowledge in public speaking. "my experience with these pendants has been profound.

They all have to rotate in opposite direction to each other for the energy to pass along. Hours - we comb our hair, primp and fuss - on we go. It is associated with spirituality, enlightenment and ascension. Stimulates and adjusts the flow of chi (energy)providing for a balanced energy field around the physical body and aligning the emotional and intellectual bodies. In sanskrit, the word ‘vishuddha’ means purification and it has a beautiful blue clear sky colour. Charge other objects with this beneficial energy simply by holding it.   what most people who talk about their "kundalini rising" have. " from the sumo wrestler to the professional football lineman, a big belly symbolizes power and force. Could be helpful to assist you to tune your sensitivity.

By wearing a nu-me pendant you are constantly in a healing energy bubble, not only balancing your own chakras but by harmonising the electromagnetic radiation bombarding your body is giving your immune system a break to get on with its job of healing. The ajna chakra, or third eye, is linked to the pineal gland. Well, based on their fault learning curve, the world’s largest personal computers have become the supplier. I eventually worked out that i was bringing energy up one leg at a time and it was going down the other. This way your pendant is always clean and energized without having to take it off. If you don’t find it useful you can return the product. Its role would be very similar to that of the pituitary gland, which secretes hormones to control the rest of the endocrine system, and also connects to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus.

("chakras for starters", by savitri simpson.

Chakra Energy Pendant
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Chakra Energy Pendant
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