About Taz

Taz is named after the Tazmanian Tiger, though she is probably more fierce. Her nickname is sometimes Tazmanian Devil Spawn. The Tazmanian Tiger (a.k.a. Thylacine), once indiginous to Australia, was hunted into extinction in 1936. Learn more about Tazmanian Tigers. Like Elvis, there have been Tazmanian Tiger sightings in recent years, and some believe the species is still about.

We found Taz under a car in a parking lot in 1999 when she was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Since then, she's grown into a big pudgy cat. She loves to get into mischief. We've since adopted two brothers for her, Hennessey and Drew, from Cat Connection. Taz gets very jealous of her brothers.
All your house are belong to us! (Scooter, 2002)

Animal Care

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  • LibTPT - A Template Scripting language for C++.
  • cgixx - A C++ CGI class library.
  • SQLoco - A C++ wrapper for SQL libraries.
  • HEC Yeah! - Home Entertainment Computer.
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